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Mission, Vision and Values


Develop a platform, that enables sustainable and efficient bioenergy.


Become number 1 choice for sustainable biomass trading in Europe.


We objectively evaluate the situation and responsibly assume and fulfil our obligations while aiming at the best possible solutions. We are open and we provide equal opportunities to all participants. We act in good faith and ensure equal treatment of every market participant. Confidential information is part of the business information we deal with on a daily basis. We never disclose any confidential information (with the exclusion of cases listed in legal acts) and never use any confidential information inappropriately

Good faith
With our good faith and respectful treatment, we expect that our partners treat both us and other market participants based on the same principles. We seek to adhere to the most stringent business standards, respect the requirements of laws and business regulations, and expect the same behaviour from our partners. We believe in fair competition and strive to create all conditions to ensure that fair competition is a key condition of the trade that we organise. We expect that our partners are ready to fulfil this obligation, too

We are open to novelties and readily develop and implement innovative ideas. In the future, we will actively participate in all areas of trade in energy resources in which we will see that trade organised according to our principles brings benefits to most market participants and society at large

We understand that we are part of the market and that benefits for society can only be created by joint work.

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