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Biomass exchange

Fast and convenient way to secure the required amount of biomass at the best market price.

About Exchange

The Biomass Exchange is an online trading venue operating according to the set rules and providing buyers and sellers with an opportunity to finalise contracts electronically in the Biomass Product Exchange. The Biomass Exchange operates as the central venue in which market participants – sellers (suppliers of biomass) and buyers (normally heat production companies) – meet anonymously. By means of the trading system of the exchange, the participants can quickly and easily sell their products and purchase the required quantity of biomass.

The main objective of the Biomass Exchange is to promote competition in the biomass market and to ensure conditions for the formation of transparent, objective, and economically substantiated prices of traded products.

In 2012, legal regulation for the establishment and operation of the exchange was developed and a system for finalising small-scale, short-term contracts of purchase and sale of biomass was implemented. Following comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the practices in the biomass market, in the summer of 2013 BALTPOOL UAB implemented an improved trading model intended for organising long-term supplies.

Advantages of trading in Baltpool Biomass Exchange:

Transparent competition:

  • all parties are provided with equal conditions to become participants of the exchange;
  • open negotiations take place in the electronic environment;
  • anonymity of participants is ensured;
  • contract prices are published.


  • availability of a system for securing fulfilment of obligations in compliance with the current market conditions;
  • grouping of participants by the degree of their financial reliability and production capacity.

A clear system:

  • a simple and clear process for placing orders and finalising contracts;
  • trade in standardised products;
  • a clear process for establishing biomass quantities and quality.


  • easy and quick finalisation of contracts in the electronic system;
  • centralised collection and signing of documents;
  • the Biomass Exchange takes care of the required documentation.

Best price:

  • buyers and sellers are grouped based on the best price offered;
  • possibility to buy from several sellers who submitted the best offers;
  • sellers submit offers simultaneously to all buyers in the selected transportation distance interval;
  • competition ensures the best price of biomass.

Baltpool expansion

  • 2012
  • 500+
  • 37801+
    Completed contracts

Why Baltpool?

  1. Price transparency. The price of transactions on the Biomass Exchange is set by market participants themselves, so our customers can always be sure that they’re buying or selling biomass at the best market price. In addition, Baltpool indexes transaction prices using its own proprietary SPOT price index.
  2. Easy market entry and the opportunity to discover new trading partners. The Biomass Exchange is open to all biomass market participants, regardless of their size or other indicators. Baltpool’s trading system is a quick and convenient way to enter the market and find new suppliers.
  3. Expansion of transaction geography. The trading system of the Biomass Exchange has no geographical limitations, so participants can easily expand the geography of their trading transactions.
  4. Transaction security guarantee. Baltpool participants can be assured of the smooth transaction execution and delivery of their biomass. The Biomass Exchange has integrated system of participant reliability and transaction security to ensure the success of transaction.
  5. The right market perception and competitiveness. As an independent trading platform open to all market players, Baltpool ensures the transparency and sustainable development of the biomass market. This makes the Biomass Exchange the best way to test your potential in the market.


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