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RED BP biomass sustainability scheme

Baltpool energy resources operator - RED BP scheme administrator


An amendment to the Law on Energy from Renewable Sources of 28 April 2022 appointed Baltpool as the energy resources exchange operator to implement a national scheme for the assessment of biomass compliance with sustainability and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction criteria. The scheme is expected to be accessible to all existing participants in the energy exchange and will collect all information on the compliance of biomass with the sustainability and GHG reduction criteria, and the information will be transmitted by the State to the European Commission.

The aim of the system is to collect data with minimum administrative burden for the participants of the biomass exchange, ensuring the reliability of the collected data on the basis of the existing registers managed by public institutions (STI, Forestry Service).

As of 2nd May 2023 the Republic of Lithuania’s national biomass sustainability scheme “RED BP” is launched.

On 19th May 2023 amendments to the regulation of the Latvian Cabinet of Ministers of November 2, 2022 No. 686 enters into force, on the basis of which biomass purchased on Baltpool biomass exchange with RED BP label is recognised as complying with the requirements of RED II directive in the Republic of Latvia.

How it works?

Why to choose RED BP?

– Sustainability with minimum effort:

  • Buyer needs to trade with RED BP label on BALTPOOL International Biomass Exchange and report inventories at least once a quarter;
  • Seller need to provide purchase documents and evidences that biomass is harvested in sustainable way, followed with financial audit at the end of the year, if non-certified biomass is supplied. If supplied biomass is certified with FSC, PEFC, SURE, SBP or KZR INIG financial audit at the end of the year is not required.

– Biomass sourcing and sustainability prove in one application – BALTPOOL provides sustainability claim for every RED BP contract made on BALTPOOL international biomass exchange;
– Compliable with FSC, PEFC, SURE, SBP, KZR INIG sustainability schemes;
– CO2 emission calculation by independent party.
LV government approved


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