1. Membership application

To become a member, an applicant shall submit a Member Registration form.

2. Signing of participant agreement

After the Member Registration form is submitted, you will receive prepared copy of the Participant Agreement. Please sign it and send back to us.

Signing by electronic signature in ASiCe format is preferred, although scanned copy of physically signed Participant Agreement copy is also acceptable. By signing the Participant Agreement you confirm, that you have read the Exchange documents which may be found here.

3. Login details to the trading system

After we receive the signed copy of the Participant Agreement, you will be provided with login details to the BALTPOOL trading system accessible here.

4. Payment of collaterals

Before submitting orders, each of participant needs to provide collateral. All the information about collaterals you can find here.
Should you have any questions – please do not hesitate to contact us.