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BALTPOOL UAB offers a software programming interface (hereinafter – API) to effectively integrate the biomass electronic trading system (hereinafter – ETS) into existing customer systems and improve the user experience by ensuring convenience, efficiency and accurate reporting.

BALTPOOL offers the following API methods:

  • Receive information on transactions concluded by the company;
  • Receive supply schedule information.
  • Receive and create reports on fuel quantity and quality indicators;
  • Receive waybill information.

Get started with BALTPOOL APIs

BALTPOOL API is only available to our registered participants. Currently we provide access to API services without a service fee.

To receive your company’s API key, log in to the ETS and complete the Participant Questionnaire. In the sixth step, you will get acquainted with the API usage procedure and mark that you want to receive your company’s API key. You will complete the questionnaire and our representative will contact you shortly.

BALTPOOL API documentation
API General Terms of Service

If you have any further questions, please contact us via contacts below.

tel. +370 5 239 3158
el. paštas: [email protected]

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