Specification for a product bearing the national scheme’s sustainability label RED BP has been published

2023 03 29
Specification for a product bearing the national scheme’s sustainability label RED BP has been published

From 1 May 2023, the Renewable Energy Resources Law comes into force, requiring all Lithuanian energy market participants operating biomass-fired installations with a gross nominal heat input of 20 MW or more to use only sustainable biomass.

In this context, and to ensure that participants are already in a position to enter into transactions today for the purchase of biomass complying with these requirements for supply after 1 May 2023, we are publishing the requirements that biomass suppliers will have to comply with in order to enter into such transactions.

The RED BP label will be used for transactions where buyers and sellers of biomass entering such transactions undertake to demonstrate the sustainability of the biomass in accordance with the requirements of the national scheme, for which BALTPOOL UAB is the designated operator.

Following the principles of the aforementioned national scheme, in accordance with the transactions concluded under the national scheme’s sustainability label RED BP, biomass suppliers undertake to upload the data and documents specified in the published specification, justifying the compliance of the supplied biomass with the sustainability requirements of the Directive (EU) 2018/2001 of the European Parliament and of the Council (hereafter referred to as RED II), into the national scheme’s matching system, developed by BALTPOOL UAB, which from 1 May 2023 will be available at https://red.baltpool.eu. Detailed information on the use of this system will be published in the near future.

Based on the data mentioned above, the operator of the national scheme, BALTPOOL UAB, will report after the end of each calendar year to each purchaser and supplier of biomass on the specific quantities of biomass that it has received or supplied, respectively, that comply with the sustainability requirements set out in the RED II Directive.

What are the steps participants need to take to enter transactions with the “RED BP” tag? 

  • Apply for participation in the National biomass sustainability scheme in “RED BP” section of Online trading system.
  • When placing orders for the purchase or sale of biomass for delivery periods after 1 May 2023, indicate that the biomass to be purchased/sold are approved under the RED BP scheme.

What requirements for imported biomass or raw materials must be met to enter transactions with RED BP tag?

Only certified biomass or raw materials according to the following schemes is allowed:

  • international schemes recognised by the decision of the EC (SBP, SURE, KZR, etc.);
  • international forestry management certification scheme FSC or PEFC;
  • national schemes of other countries approved by the Operator.

Conditions of Trade in Biomass Products 

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