“OGA G”​ on the launch of Baltpool: a good opportunity to start trading swiftly

2022 05 17
“OGA G”​ on the launch of Baltpool: a good opportunity to start trading swiftly

“OGA G”, a Latvian company looking to expand its trading geographically, has registered on the Baltpool biomass exchange and already concluded a successful transaction in its first auction. According to the company’s Chief Commercial Manager Arina Galilejeva, trading on the exchange is a good business development opportunity for small market players.

Tell us briefly about your company?

“OGA G” provides tree delivery, woodchip transportation, tree sawing, chipping, and cleaning farmland from overgrowths. We concentrate our activities on the Latvian market but are looking for business opportunities in neighboring Lithuania.

How did you find out about Baltpool biomass exchange and decide to register?

We have been making direct biomass transactions, but to expand our sales geographically, we decided to try trading on the Baltpool biomass exchange, since we had received good recommendations about the exchange. It allowed us to find new trading partners who regularly trade on the exchange.

Was it difficult to start trading on the exchange?

I was pleasantly surprised that the registration itself was swift and easy. In addition, the Baltpool workshop for new exchange participants, in which Baltpool presented the exchange’s trading system and rules, was helpful. We concluded a successful transaction on our first auction and were satisfied with the results. All exchange processes are automated, from order placement to invoicing, making trading more accessible.

What are your first impressions of the Baltpool biomass exchange?

Baltpool opens up new opportunities for us to enter the market more efficiently and transact with otherwise inaccessible companies. In addition, we have the opportunity to grow. The expanded geography of transactions is a huge advantage for small companies like “OGA G”. Unlike direct transactions, the rules are the same for everyone on the exchange, products are standardized, and prices are determined objectively based on supply and demand.