5 Reasons to Trade Biomass on the Baltpool Exchange

2022 07 11
5 Reasons to Trade Biomass on the Baltpool Exchange

Many buyers and sellers of biomass will agree that trading it is often a complicated process. Let’s face it, the prices are frequently not fully transparent and market participants follow different rules. On top of that, one of many challenges includes the difficulty of finding new trading partners. But did you know that there is already a trading platform in Europe where you can buy and sell biomass at market prices? It is open, transparent, and sustainable.

Baltpool International Biomass Exchange is a fast and convenient way to secure the required amount of biomass at the best market price.

Baltpool, founded in 2012, became the first biomass exchange in Europe. Baltpool provides opportunities to trade biomass throughout the Baltic Sea region, with around 500 active traders.

Why do market participants choose to trade biomass on the Baltpool platform? Find out here.

  • Price transparency. The price of transactions on the Biomass Exchange is set by market participants themselves, so our customers can always be sure that they’re buying or selling biomass at the best market price. In addition, Baltpool indexes transaction prices using its own proprietary SPOT price index.
  • Easy market entry and the opportunity to discover new trading partners. The Biomass Exchange is open to all biomass market participants, regardless of their size or other indicators. Baltpool’ s trading system is a quick and convenient way to enter the market and find new suppliers.
  • Expansion of transaction geography. The trading system of the Biomass Exchange has no geographical limitations, so participants can easily expand the geography of their trading transactions.
  • Transaction security guarantee. Baltpool participants can be assured of the smooth transaction execution and delivery of their biomass. The Biomass Exchange has integrated system of participant reliability and transaction security to ensure the success of transaction.
  • The right market perception and competitiveness. As an independent trading platform open to all market players, Baltpool ensures the transparency and sustainable development of the biomass market. This makes the Biomass Exchange the best way to test your potential in the market.

By the way, Baltpool – a place, where you can easily purchase sustainable biomass. You  can trade in biomass products that are certified by SBP, FSC, and Enplus.