• Enefit Energiatootmine AS group joins Baltpool biomass exchange.


    We are proud to announce that Enefit Energiatootmine AS, the biggest Estonian energy supplier, is now participating in the Baltpool energy exchange. Enefit Energiatootmine AS, which belongs to Eesti Energia group, has joined the Baltpool biomass exchange. Three registered power plants from Ida-Viru region use wood chips and mainly waste wood to produce electricity and heat: Balti Elektrijaam (Narva):192 Mw power generation capacity for electricity and 405 Mw for heat production Eesti Elektrijaam (Auvere): 194 Mw power generation capacity for


  • Trade volumes in Latvia doubled!


    Baltpool energy exchange tradе volumes in Latvia during the first five months of 2020 have almost doubled compared to the volumes of all of 2019! We would like to thank our clients for their cooperation and encouraging us to continually improve and grow together! Please find short statistics about our cooperation in Oct 2019 – Mar 2020 heating season here


  • Timber Exchange review – April 2020


    In April, trade under short-term contracts via the Electronic Timber Trading System (ETTS) was very active, with the sales volumes increasing 3.5 times compared to April last year. The supply of timber under short-term contracts increased by 76% and the total quantity ratio of purchased to offered timber decreased from 1:4.3 to 1:2.1 compared to April 2019. It is therefore evident that the COVID-19 pandemic has not had any material effect on timber trade. A total of 75,944 solid m3


  • Biomass Exchange review – March 2020


    The increased turnover of the exchange signals the start of new long-term transactions and expiry of earlier ones In March, the price of woodchips at the Baltpool biomass exchange changed only slightly compared to February: the decrease was only 0.5% with the price at 115.58 EUR/TOE (9.94 EUR/MWh). The turnover has nearly tripled in March (from EUR 1.953 million to EUR 5.825 million), which was due to the increased trade under long-term contracts for the warm season and the first


  • Timber Exchange review – March 2020


    After the very active February, trade via the Electronic Timber Trading System (ETTS) under short-term transactions in March has remained equally active, despite the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine announced in Lithuania in mid-March. Quite the contrary, sales volumes have grown 5.5 times compared to March 2019, but this can be related to the increased supply of timber under short-term transactions. This is also demonstrated by the auction schedule, which is already full for the two forthcoming weeks. A total of


  • Timber Exchange review – February 2020


    Trade was very active in the first two months of this year. A total of 50,507 solid m³ of timber was sold via the Electronic Timber Trading System (ETTS) by the end of February 2020. Similar market activity in the month of February was last recorded in 2015. The supply of firewood and timber harvesting residues was particularly high – a surplus of these assortments has been observed from the very beginning of the heating season. Ninety-one auctions were held


  • Recommendations for the biomass acceptance procedure during quarantine


    With consideration of the threat of the coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading and the related quarantine announced in the country, the operator of the energy exchange BALTPOOL UAB (hereinafter the Operator) hereby presents its opinion and recommendations regarding the biomass acceptance procedure in the process of implementing transactions concluded at the exchange. We would like to remind you that clause 6.13 of the Typical Conditions of Supply of Biomass stipulates that “The representatives of both parties shall confirm the fact of taking


  • Regarding users of the trading system


    March 17, 2020   To further improve the reliability and security of the Biomass trading system, we inform you that we will introduce changes to the trading system that will ensure that a specific user can connect with the same login data only from one workstation (computer/browser).   This update will not affect the ability to open multiple tabs in the same browser. However, if the same user attempts to connect to the trading system from another computer or from another browser, he will automatically be logout at


  • Regarding ETS technical issues


    Technical issues of the electronic trading system during auction  Please be informed that on 17 March 2020 the auction was suspended because of the technical issues. Currently technical issues are inspected and the auction will be resumed today at 13.00 from the auction phase:  i.e. Buyers will not be able to change orders; sellers will be able to reduce the prices of existing orders; no possibility to enter new orders or cancel existing orders will be available.  Important:  The auction will be resumed from the current position, so you don't have to change anything;  In order to ensure the smooth participation in the auction, it will


  • Regarding cross-border contracts


    Information for participants who have entered into transactions for the supply of biomass from Lithuania to Latvia and from Latvia to Lithuania:   Please be advised that according to the declared conditions of quarantine, the crossing of the Lithuanian-Latvian border is carried out only through the following border crossing points:   Saločiai-Grenctalė border crossing point;  Būtingė-Rucava border crossing point;  Smėlynė-Medumas border crossing point.  Before submitting orders, we encourage sellers who intend to enter into transactions for the supply of biomass to a buyer located in another state to make sure that the trading system routes the


  • Regarding Exchange activity during quarantine period


    Regarding Exchange activity during quarantine period  March 16, 2020  Please be informed that, despite the threat of the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the resulting quarantine regime applied in the country, the activity of the BALTPOOL Biomass Exchange will continue as usual, employees of BALTPOOL UAB working remotely.   Please note that the currently published quarantine regime does not restrict the movement of goods, i.e. transactions of purchase-sale of goods (including the transactions of purchase-sale of biomass) must be carried out in the usual manner.    We remind you that when carrying out the contracts, participants (their employees or other engaged third parties) should avoid


  • In February Baltpool launches biomass trading by ships at the Denmark-based exchange managed in cooperation with partners


    Baltpool energy exchange aims to create a European biomass trading platform and, as part of this project, has presented an opportunity to trade in biomass by ships between the Baltic countries and Denmark in the Denmark’s system BiomassPool in February this year. This opportunity is of particular importance to Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian sellers of biomass that wish to export biomass to Scandinavia. “The development of export opportunities at the exchange provides our clients with a chance to earn additional


  • Timber Exchange review – Year 2019


    The past few years have been favourable to the European timber market: demand has remained stable, timber sales have continued to grow and market participants have been actively investing in the improvement of the effectiveness of their production facilities. Export markets have continued to expand (Asian countries in particular), and the pre-crisis level of trade with the US has been reached. However, the latest warm weather conditions dominating throughout Europe, in particular Central Europe, have affected the balance on the


  • Selection of independent members of the Board of BALTPOOL announced


    EPSO-G, which is a parent company of an energy transmission and exchange group of companies, has announced a selection of independent members to the Board of its subsidiary BALTPOOL. The selection is implemented due to the fact that the four-year term of office of the current Board of BALTPOOL will expire on 20 April 2020. Two independent members will be elected to the Board of BALTPOOL for a new term of office in accordance with the good management practices of


  • February 1st is a deadline to apply for returning a part of a already paid PSO price


    February 1st is a soon coming deadline for companies, consuming large amounts of electricity, to apply with a request to Baltpool in order to make an agreement allowing to return a part of a already paid PSO price. Please hurry and apply! More information and needed documents are here =>>


  • Baltpool has renewed conditions of trade in biomass products


    In order to make trade in Baltpool biomass exchange more effective, a new non-standard condition of trade is introduced. Under the new condition the seller agrees to deliver only FSC certified biomass originating in EU. Under the contract that entails this non-standard condition, the seller agrees to deliver only FSC certified biomass originating in the Member State of the European Union. The seller must provide, upon the request of the buyer, the necessary documents proving the origin of the biomass supplied


  • Biomass Exchange review – Year 2019


    Heat producers pay increasingly more attention to the management of the price risk In 2019, unlike the preceding several years, most of the market participants hurried to secure the largest share of their heating season demand for biomass under long-term contracts as early as in May. In 2019, the following three key aspects to trade under long-term transactions could be observed: (i) most of the winter season demand was secured under long-term contracts by the beginning of summer, (ii) nearly


  • Auction during 52 week of 2019 will take place on December 23, 2019


    BALTPOOL informs, that trade in energy exchange during 52 week of year 2019 (2019-12-23 – 2019-12-29) will be carried out on the first workday of the week ( December 23, 2019)


  • An unusual start of the winter season: the demand for biomass decreases


    An unusual start of the winter season: the demand for biomass decreases In October, the turnover of the BALTPOOL biomass exchange decreased by 21% compared to September – from EUR 4.7 million to EUR 3,713 million – due to the commenced supplies under long-term contracts. Lithuanian heat producers have prepared for the 2019 heating season in advance and in summer have purchased more than one half of the biomass required for the heating season; the first month of the heating


  • Auction of the 52 week of 2019 will be held on December 23, 2019


    Please be informed, that trading in the Energy Exchange 52nd week of the 2019 year (23/12/2019 – 29/12/2019) will be held on December 23, 2019, by the Order No. IS-190049 of the  Chief Executive Officer of Energy Exchange operator BALTPOOL