In May, sellers offered 255 842 m3, or almost three times more of raw timber on the electronic timber trading system (ETTS) than in April. Short-term contracts for sales of 60 266 m3 of raw timber were concluded, which was 2.8 times more than in April (21 600 m2). As demand and supply were increasing, buyers purchased 24 percent of offered production in May, similar to the previous months. 39 percent of published auctions did not take place, because the
Buyers already purchased 40% of biomass required for the next heating season at BALTPOOL biomass exchange. In preparation for the next heating season, heat producers have already purchased about 40% (37.9%) of biomass required for the next winter season at BALTPOOL biomass exchange. Most biomass purchased under long-term contracts was ensured by Šiauliai (74%), Klaipėda (64%), Panevėžys (60%), and Utena (51%) counties. “The trade of long-term contracts shows a record activity during the off-season in market. It’s only a middle
We hereby inform that the start time of the auction of the second half of 2019 for concluding of half-year contracts has been announced in the ETTS. The start of the auction is on 18 July 2019 at 12:00. The process of the auction: Registration of sellers is going on from 1 July 2019 12:00 to 10 July 2019 23:59 The initial deposit is paid from 2 July 2019 12:00 to 11 July 2019 23:59 Registrations are verified from 2 July 2019 12:00 to 12
The Lithuanian biomass market is maturing, and each winter season brings about new events and trends. This is why the Lithuanian Ministry of Energy and the Baltpool Energy Exchange, before the start of the new heating season, on 6 June, held the roundtable discussion for biomass market participants “Prepare for winter in summer: the biomass market in the forthcoming heating season.” During the event, more than 100 participants discussed the lessons learned over the past season and made forecasts for
Answering the Pan-Baltic biomass market demands, BALTPOOL has presented the amendments to Non-Standard Conditions of Trade, thus allowing more flexible arrangements of biomass quantity reduction or termination of contracts (the order No. IS-190027 of 5 June 2019 issued by the CEO of BALTPOOL UAB): Contract termination by the buyer in case buyer lost a heat auction. This contract may be unilaterally terminated (or its quantity reduced proportionally) by the buyer in case a heating company in line with the results of
Buyers already purchased 25% of biomass required for the winter from Baltpool biomass exchange in preparation for the next heating season. Most biomass purchased under long-term contracts was ensured by Šiauliai (70% of the amount), Klaipėda (54% of the amount), and Panevėžys (47% of the amount) counties.  “The contours of biomass prices for the next heating season in biomass exchange are already visible. This year buyers were prompted to purchase about 25% of biomass required for the next winter season
Please be informed that by the order No. IS-190026 of 21 May 2019 issued by the CEO of BALTPOOL UAB, the following documents enter into force from 4 June 2019 (inclusive): Revised Conditions of Trade in Biomass Products, Revised Typical Conditions of Supply of Biomass Revised Standart Provision of Contract of Purchase and Sales of Fuel BALTPOOL UAB, the operator of the biomass exchange, considering the biomass market development trends towards sustainability of biomass, as well as assessing the demand expressed
The turnover of BALTPOOL biomass exchange in April was 50% greater than in March The turnover of BALTPOOL Biomass Exchange increased by 50% in April compared to March, from EUR 4.2 million to EUR 6.35 million. One of the main reasons for this increase was doubled sales of biomass under one-month contracts, from EUR 0.88 million to EUR 1.61 million, and tripled sales under three-month and half-year contracts, from EUR 0.47 million to 1.50 million. The total amount of wood chips sold in April was 46 370 TOE, i.e. 57% greater than
272 thous. TOE of biomass was purchased in this heating season, which is 8% less than in the previous heating season In the 2018-2019 heating season, 8% less biomass (272 thous. TOE) was purchased due to a warmer autumn and winter, compared to the heating season of the previous year and the year before. This season, more long-term contracts were concluded. Therefore, the number of contracts decreased by 31% to 2,822 contracts. “The importance of purchase strategy was particularly underlined
Please be informed that further information about the half year timber auction will be published on 20th May 2019. Timber Trading System Operator BALTPOOL UAB Tel. +370 5 2393159, +370 5 2393157
Please be informed that according to the request by the timber seller - State Forest Company (VĮ Valstybinių miškų urėdija), the half year timber auction is cancelled until further notice. We will keep you informed of any further developments on the situation. Timber Trading System Operator BALTPOOL UAB Tel. +370 5 2393159, +370 5 2393157
The turnover of BALTPOOL biomass exchange increased by one quarter to EUR 4.2 million in March. The total turnover of the biomass exchange increased by 26 percent to EUR 4.2 million in March compared to February. In the first month of the spring, heat producers rushed to make sure they would not run out of biomass in the summer and concluded long-term contracts for the amount 68 percent higher than in February (EUR 1.35 million). “The value growth of long-term
In March, the ETTS trade volumes grew 1.8 times compared to February. Transactions for the sale of 12,876 m3 of timber under short-term contracts were concluded in March. Over the past month, the State Enterprise State Forests Directorate offered twice as much timber as in February, but buyers purchased less than one half, i.e. 38% (34,285 m3) of the offered timber. The February trading scenario could also be observed in the first spring month, i.e. 50% of the announced auctions have not
According to data of the online heat auctions administered by the energy exchange operator Baltpool, over this heating season heat supply companies purchased 3.52 TWh of heat. The greatest amounts of heat were purchased by Kaunas (1.03 TWh), Vilnius (0.95 TWh), Klaipėda (0.64 TWh), Panevėžys (0.23 TWh), Visaginas (0.16 TWh) and Alytus (0.15 TWh).  Baltpool held 7 auctions intended for heat purchase for the winter season, which is from October to the end of April. Heat for heating purposes is purchased
Please be informed that ETS and ETTS functions are fully restored
 Please be informed that due to the malfunction of IT systems of the IT service provider, the electronic trading system is temporarily unavailable. Work to restore the system back to work is underway. We expect that the auction of the 26th March 2019 will take place in regular time. Regarding registration to the timber auctions, please contact us at +370 5 239 3163 or by email mediena@baltpool.eu We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and will keep you informed
Trade at timber auctions in February low due to high prices In February, transactions for the sale of 7,330 m3 of timber under short-term contracts were concluded via the ETTS, but, in the course of the month, buyers bought only 62% of the 14.353 m3 of timber offered by the State Enterprise State Forests Directorate. The passivity of buyers during timber auctions signals that the prices are too high for market participants. The trade is likely to become more active as soon
One year ago, on 19 March 2018, the energy exchange operator Baltpool, which is part of the EPSO-G Group, started publishing the Baltpool Wood Chips Spot Lithuania (BWCS Lithuania) price index. Over the past year, the BWCS Lithuania index has become an objective tool for evaluating changes in the woodchip prices and the market situation and an important measure for forming a transparent and competitive biomass market in the country. “Thanks to the BWCS index participants can evaluate the forming
In 2018, the turnover of the Baltpool energy exchange grew by 22.7% compared to the 2017 results and amounted to EUR 902.7 thousand. The unaudited net profit increased by 14.7% and amounted to EUR 179.9 thousand (in 2017, this figure was 156.9 thousand). “Our objective is to provide all participants of the energy resources market with an opportunity to trade in competitive conditions and to ensure the maximum return for the State. We are delighted with our last year’s results
Biomass prices in Lithuania in February reach unusual lows The turnover of the Baltpool biomass exchange, which increased in January, in February dropped by 40% and amounted to EUR 3.34 million. A total of 20,922 TOE of woodchips was sold, which is a one-third decrease compared to January (31,332 TOE); the amount of biomass delivered over the same period was 23% smaller than in January, i.e. 45 thousand TOE. The largest share of the transactions for woodchips (74%) accounted for