International biomass exchange “Baltpool” starts trading recycled wood products

2021 03 17
International biomass exchange “Baltpool” starts trading recycled wood products

The international biomass exchange Baltpool is expanding its activities and started trading a new product – biomass from recycled wood. This solution opens up opportunities for construction and industrial waste management companies to participate in biomass trade auctions as well as offer biomass products from recycled wood to energy and heat producers in the Baltic and Scandinavian countries.

“By starting to trade in recycled wood biomass products, we enable companies in various countries that use biomass for energy production to purchase another cheaper type of biomass at our exchange auctions and ensure better prices for heating and electricity generation. Meanwhile, the sellers of recycled wood now have an additional sales channel and the opportunity to export the products to other countries, which, in turn, expands their trade geography”, – says Andrius Smaliukas, General Manager of the international biomass exchange Baltpool.

All exchange participants from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and other countries can freely trade recycled wood products on the international biomass exchange. Baltpool has enabled a transparent process of trading recycled wood by standardizing the specifications of these new products based on the requirements of different Baltic and Scandinavian countries.

“We have been noticing the market demand in trading recycled wood for quite some time. We have received inquiries from both buyers and sellers about this opportunity, especially from the Baltic and Scandinavian countries, as the market for trading used timber is growing with quite large volumes. We are the only exchange in Europe to standardize biomass products and are now successfully applying our experience to the recycled wood sector too. In this way, we aim to facilitate international transactions for the trade of biomass from recycled wood for market participants through an international centralized e-commerce system”, – says A. Smaliukas.

The main buyers of recycled wood biomass are expected to be energy producers from the Baltic and Scandinavian countries, whose boilers are adapted to this biomass. Meanwhile, the sellers should be companies engaged in the management of construction and industrial waste, which have the necessary certificates and permits. The minimum amount of recycled wood used for trading on the Baltpool Exchange is 70 MWh (about 24 tonnes).

International exchange Baltpool also trades wood chips, wood pellets, fuel peat, and lignin with local delivery inside of each country and international – between the various countries. In total, 5629 transactions were concluded on the stock exchange and 5.4 TWh of biofuels sold in 2020, which amounted to 54.9 million Euros.