August 2018 Overview of Timber Trading

2018 09 20
August 2018 Overview of Timber Trading

In August 2018, the intensity of trade in timber via the ETTS tripled compared to July. Transactions for the sale of 17,338 m3 of timber were concluded; this figure was 5,948 m3 in July. Over one month, the financial value of the transactions increased 3.5 times and amounted to EUR 894,462 (compared to EUR 257,534 recorded in July).

One half of the transactions concluded via the ETTS in August accounted for the sale of sawlogs. Of these, 28% accounted for pine logs, 11% accounted for spruce logs, and sales of each of the other types were below 4% of the total sales.

In August 2018, the prices of class II and III calorific value firewood in the ETTS short-term auctions remained stable and amounted to 31.68 EUR/m3; the weighted price of timber harvesting residues (including covered) underwent major changes (37.8%) and increased from 17.20 EUR/m3 in July to 23.71 EUR/m3 in August. The weighted prices of wood panels increased by 15%; the weighted prices of birch and conifer packing longs increased by 13%.

If annual changes in the prices of timber are considered, the prices of all assortments have increased. The greatest annual selling price growth was recorded for spruce and pine pulpwood (67.4%) and conifer packing logs (50%).