2023 statistical information on biomass origin in accordance with the RED BP scheme published

2024 06 04
2023 statistical information on biomass origin in accordance with the RED BP scheme published

The biomass sustainability scheme RED BP administered by the international biomass exchange Baltpool is in operation since 1 May 2023. The scheme was developed to help market participants implement the requirements of the RED II Directive, i.e. collect data on raw materials used to produce biomass combusted by market participants and on the origin of such biomass as well as calculate GHG emissions relating to production and supply of such biomass before the moment of use in order to enable calculation of GHG savings of companies that combust biomass compared to their fossil fuel comparators.

We believe that the availability and publication of this statistical information will also contribute to an increase of trust on the part of general public and other parties concerned in the bioenergy industry as a whole because detailed information on the origin of biomass will be transparently accessible. Until now, there have been numerous heated discussions on whether Europe is about to combust its forests in pursuit of its green goals. We believe that this information will help stay truly informed and rely on facts rather than myths or fears during discussions.

Currently, in accordance with the RED II Directive, all market participants that operate installations of 20 MW and above must collect origin data on combusted biomass. When the RED III Directive will become effective (it must be incorporated into the national law by 1 May 2025), this figure will be reduced to 7.5 MW. The available statistical data for 2023 shows however that participants that do not yet have the obligation to collect origin information have also opted to participate in the scheme.

We are delighted that Latvian market participants have also chosen to use the RED BP scheme and recognised it as appropriate!

You can familiarise yourself with the statistical information on biomass origin for 2023 in accordance with the RED BP scheme in the “Statistics” section of the RED BP subpage.