Regarding users of the trading system

2020 03 18

March 17, 2020  

To further improve the reliability and security of the Biomass trading system, we inform you that we will introduce changes to the trading system that will ensure that a specific user can connect with the same login data only from one workstation (computer/browser).  

This update will not affect the ability to open multiple tabs in the same browser. However, if the same user attempts to connect to the trading system from another computer or from another browser, he will automatically be logout at the previous site.   

At the same time, we remind you that exchange participants may have as many users in the trading system as they need, so participants can create login credentials for each of their employees or representative working with the trading system. Before the next auction date (March 24, 2020) we invite you to check that you have enough users to organise your trade. For your convenience, please find attached short guide how to add new users using our trading system.  

How to create a new user account via EPS

We believe that this change will ensure a smoother and clearer trading experience in the exchange. 

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