Timber trade changes from 1 July 2024

2024 06 30
Timber trade changes from 1 July 2024

The new wording of the Description of the Procedure of Trade in Timber and Timber Harvesting Residues Produced in State Forests will become effective from 1 July.

The amendments are implemented in order to pass to the model whereby all auctions, i.e. both for short-term and half-year and long-term contracts, are implemented according to the open auction method. Buyers will be able to see whether they can purchase the required quantity of timber for the proposed price and will also be able to raise the price during the auction if they wish to purchase a bigger quantity of timber. Short-term auctions are currently implemented in accordance with a similar principle.

It is important to note that the new Electronic Timber Trading System (ETTS) was launched in the process of implementing this procedure. From 1 July on, trade in timber sold by the State Forests Directorate (SFD) under short-term contracts will be implemented via the new system platform. Trade in timber for concluding half-year and long-term contracts will continue via the old platform.

To ensure the smooth transition to auctions via the new ETTS platform and implementation of the new procedure, we will regularly publish updated information on the Baltpool website at https://www.baltpool.eu/en/timber-exchange/timber-news-from-1-July-2024.