Timber Exchange Trade Statistics October of 2021

2021 11 14
  • 143 auctions were announced by the SFE in October, offering a total of 47.2 thousand m3 of timber products. This is a relatively large amount of timber, with the second highest activity since the beginning of the year. It should however be noted that a large part of the supply comprised of felling residues. Auctions were organized by 24 SFE units.
  • The timber SPOT index in October recorded a value of 56.60 EUR/m3. A decline in the index was observed for the second month in a row. An increase of 67% can be seen when comparing the value of the index with the corresponding period last year. Whether price adjustments have already begun will be clearly seen during the half-year auction, which will take place at the end of November.
  • The most significant price changes were recorded in the assortment of packing logs, which dropped by 22% (to 66.97 EUR/m3). Since packing logs were among the assortments whose prices have increased the most, it is normal that the changes are most evident here. The drop in the price of this assortment had a significant impact on the decrease of the index.
  • The price of panel timber and firewood (class II and III calorific value) has increased by 13%. The prices of raw materials were also affected by the forming price bubble in the biomass market. Such prices were recorded in 2018, when a similar situation had formed in the biomass market.
  • In October, 2 600 m3 of felling residues were offered for sale and 1 500 m3 were sold. Their price has reached 22.58 EUR/m3.

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