Timber Exchange trade statistics January of 2022

2022 02 03


  • In January, the SFE announced 85 auctions. In total, 38,7 thousand m3 of timber products were offered. Compared to December, the amount of offered timber decreased by 54%, but amount of sold timber increased by 44%. The auctions were organized by 21 SFE units.
  • The SPOT index of timber recorded a value of 60,17 Eur/m3. By comparing the value of the index with the corresponding period last year we see an increase of 53,5%. Compared to December there was an increase of 3%.
  • The most significant price changes were recorded in paper assortments, which grew by 9% (up to 49,50 Eur/m3). Compared to the same period last year, the growth is 102%.
  • The price of B/C class sawn logs increased by 7%, reaching 108,00 Eur/m3. Compared to the same period last year, growth is 32%.
  • In January, the SFE did not sell II and III class firewood.

BALTPOOL Timber Price (SPOT) Index

Global timber market

Analysts describe the situation of the timber market in the European region as winter stagnation. This has been observed year after year. The prices of some wood products have fallen significantly, but it’s difficult to say whether this trend is long-lasting. The biggest concern for everyone is likely to be Germany’s GDP, which fell by 0,7% in the fourth quarter. The German market is a good reflection of the economic activity in the EU, which sends a signal to Europe as the US economy grew by 1,7% at the same time.

In the middle of January, the US timber market underwent significant changes, with the monthly price falling by almost 25%. In the Capital market, January was one of the worst in history, so it’s likely that the situation may have affected timber market participants who participated for speculative purposes.

Spring is particularly welcome in the US timber market, when the timber market is seasonal, and consumption of timber volumes increases significantly. According to market participants, the increase in demand must have at least a short-term positive effect.

Trade in TOP timber assortments in ETTS short-term auctions

Trade in TOP assortments in ETTS short-term auctions

Assortments Quantity, scm Change in quantity per month Quantity percentage in the scope of TOP 5 assortments Price, EUR/scm Change in price per month Change in price per year
Baltpool Timber Spot index  Index 16 178 -20% 100% 60,17 3,17% (58,32 Eur/m3) 53,49% (39,2 Eur/m3)
 Index components:
 PJ (spruce, pine, birch); B/C; St,Vd; L2, L3 200 -97% 1,2% 108,00 6,66% (101,26 Eur/m3) 31,59% (82,07 Eur/m3)
 PJ (spruce, pine, birch); D; St,Vd; L2, L3 8 908 119% 55,1% 80,90 -2,25% (82,76 Eur/m3) 24,81% (64,82 Eur/m3)
 TR (deciduous, conifers) 6 870 66% 42,5% 79,03 -1,64% (80,35 Eur/m3) 60,31% (49,3 Eur/m3)
 PP (spruce, pine, birch) 200 -50% 1,2% 49,50 9,25% (45,31 Eur/m3) 102,41% (24,46 Eur/m3)
 PM, ML (class II and III calorific value) 0 -100% 0,0% 0,00
 Felling residues, covered felling residues 0 -100% 0,0% 0,00


Trade in regional units of the State Forest Enterprise in short-term auctions

Timber assortments sold at ETTS short-term auctions


KA – felling residues; KAD – covered felling residues; KAK – felling residues at cleared space; KL – hard leafy short timber; ML – firewood; PM – panel timber; PJ – sawn logs; PP – pulpwood; TR – packing logs; St – large-sized timber, small-end diameter ≥32 cm; Vd – medium-sized timber, small-end diameter 20-31 cm; Sm – small-sized timber, small-end diameter ≤19 cm; L1 – assortment length class, ≤2.9 m; L2 – assortment length class, 3.0 – 3.9 m; L3 – assortment length class, 4.0 – 6.0 m; L4 – assortment length class, 6.1 – 8.9 m.