Biomass exchange and heat trade statistics – March of 2021

2021 04 09

This year, there was a paradox that, despite cheaper biomass throughout the heating season, prices in March were higher compared to last year. This will also inevitably affect the heat prices for end users during the first months of the non-heating season. This paradox was likely caused by the fact that the air temperature was colder by more than 5 degrees during the first quarter of the year, which increased the demand for heat, thus also increasing the demand for biomass to maximum power consumption. Biomass sellers have sold and no longer have any unused biomass depots that would need to be sold regardless of price. This immediately affected the market price and creates a rather interesting situation for the future, since preparations for the next season begin only after the end of the current season.

  • The value of the BWCS (Baltpool Wood Chips SPOT) LT index has reached 10.92 EUR/MWh. A decrease of 14.3% per month, and an increase of 12% per year has been recorded in the value of the index.
  • The overall turnover of the exchange amounted to 446,640 MWh (with short-term contracts reaching 72.5%). There was a 4.19% increase in turnover compared to February. Compared to March of the previous year, the turnover has decreased by 23%.
  • Toward the end of the heating season, the total amount of delivered biomass was 576,628 MWh (49.9% under long-term contracts). The supply of biomass dropped by 23.7% in February, but grew by 2.7% compared to March of last year.

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