Timber Exchange Trade Overview – February of 2021

2021 03 29
  • The amount of timber supplied over the last six months was 4 times lower than in the last 5 years.
  • 62 auctions were announced by 23 regional units, of which 49 actually took place. There were a total of 103 auction participants, of which 85 have entered into contracts. Auction activity was particularly high, with 4.1 buyers per 100 scm of timber.
  • 25,100 scm have been offered for sale, which is 29.6% more than in the previous month (19,372 scm). Most of the timber offered for sale consisted of: sawn logs (8,228 scm), firewood (7,135 scm) and felling residues (5,712 scm).
  • Growth can be observed in all assortments when analysing the weighted prices of timber at assortment level. Prices in February were the highest in all assortments compared to previous years, excluding felling residues.
  • The price of sawn logs continues to break the records of the exchange – the price of sawn quality class B/C logs increased by 0.4%, and of quality class D – by 8.8%, reaching 82.38 €/scm and 70.54 €/scm, respectively.
  • A jump of as much as 51.2% can be seen in the price of pulpwood, however this is due to the fact that only 705 scm of this type of timber were sold in February. Thus, it can be assumed that these results do not reflect the real situation in the market. Moreover, 85% of the sales of this assortment also included birch pulpwood which are typically more expensive, that is why we see such a sharp jump in the weighted price of this assortment.
  • The price of packing logs reached 50.02 €/scm. The 50 €/scm limit was last exceeded exactly two years ago.

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