Timber Exchange Trade Overview April of 2021

2021 05 22
  • April was so far the most active month since the beginning of the year. Compared to March, the quantity of sold timber (scm) has increased by 60%.
  • The value of the Timber Price Index went up by 3.4%. Statistically, if prices continue to increase the same way next month, timber prices will reach a record high.
  • 87 auctions were announced by 26 regional units, of which 75 took place. There were 133 buyers participating in the auction, of which 115 have entered into contracts. The number of potential buyers as well as buyers entering into contracts is increasing.
  • 35,741 scm of timber was put up for sale – 40% more than in March. The most popular timber products were offered for sale by the State Forest Enterprise: the supply of sawn logs has increased by 50%, of packing logs – by 86%, and of pulpwood – by 4.5 times. The approach of selling the most popular products at their peak price level was a wise decision.
  • The weighted price of sawn logs (B/C) has reached its highest point – 90.65 EUR/scm. Compared to the midsummer of 2017, when the price of the said assortment reached its lowest point, the price of sawn logs has doubled. An identical situation can be seen in the assortment of packing logs, the prices of which have also increased to record highs (prices have doubled), reaching the price level of B/C class sawn logs recorded a year ago.
  • This euphoria of increasing prices has only affected sawn timber materials. The prices of firewood, panel timber and pulpwood were not affected as much and have only changed slightly.

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