2018 05 22

Just after completion of the heating season 2017-2018, long-term contracts for the coming heating season 2018-2019 were concluded at BALTPOOL Biomass Exchange in April: 1,440 toe of woodchips at 160 EUR/toe was purchased in Klaipėda county, and 432 toe at 155 EUR/toe in Utena county.

Comparison of long-term contracts with the contracts concluded in the same counties during the same period last year shows that biomass was 5% cheaper (152.17 EUR/toe) in Klaipėda county, and 14% cheaper (132.73 EUR/toe) in Utena county in the past heating season.

The total turnover of BALTPOOL Biomass Exchange decreased by 65% in April compared to March, from EUR 8.6 million to EUR 3.0 million. This drop in trading volumes was caused by a significant decrease in the number of one-week contracts, whose value in comparison to March fell more than by 4 times, from EUR 3.2 million to EUR 0.8 million, and the value of one-month, one-quarter and six-months contracts fell by 2.5 times, from EUR 3.2 million to EUR 0.8 million.