Swedish company Stockholm Exergi starts operating in the Baltpool Biomass Exchange

2021 01 26
Swedish company Stockholm Exergi starts operating in the Baltpool Biomass Exchange

Stockholm Exergi, one of Sweden’s largest energy companies, has joined the Baltpool International Biomass Exchange as of January this year.

According to Andrius Smaliukas, CEO of Baltpool, the addition of such a strong energy sector player demonstrates a recognition of the value created by the biomass exchange and its attractiveness at the international level.

Monica Lundgren, Head of Fuel Supply Management at Stockholm Exergi, agrees. “Trading at Baltpool will increase the number of suppliers that are available to us, and the auctioning process will secure both healthy competition and adequate transparency,” she said.  “Sustainability is a priority for us in our fuel sourcing, and we value that Baltpool is continuously developing it’s platform in order to meet high sustainability standards.”

Biomass will be purchased at Baltpool for the following power plants run by Stockholm Exergi:

  • Värtaverket, one of the largest cogeneration plants in Europe, producing 2598 GWh of heat and 526 GWh of electricity per year. Värtaverket consumes 2 TWh of biomass (wood chips) and has the capacity to supply heat to 190,000 apartments and electricity to 150,000 electric cars;
  • Hässelbyverket, Stockholm’s first power plant, which currently produces almost 100% of its heat and electricity from biomass (wood pellets). Hässelbyverket produces 826 GWh of heat and 213 GWh of electricity per year, which can supply about 60,000 households, and consumes 450 GWh of wood pellets per year;
  • The Bristaverket power plant, which produces 763 GWh of heat, 293 GWh of electricity and consumes 2 GWh of wood chips per year.