Survey: BALTPOOL’s services were highly appreciated by customers

2022 04 01
Survey: BALTPOOL’s services were highly appreciated by customers

The market research company Synopticom recently interviewed BALTPOOL’s clients to survey the company’s customer experience and image.

The survey resulted in a score of 88 points on the Global Customer Satisfaction Index (GCSI) to BALTPOOL, showing an exceptional service satisfaction rate in the business-to-business segment.

The study was conducted through interviews with BALTPOOL’s customers and also assessed their willingness to recommend BALTPOOL to colleagues and partners. A high NPS index confirms strong customer satisfaction with the service received. BALTPOOL’s NPS index was 77 points, with as many as 80% of respondents saying they would recommend BALTPOOL to colleagues or partners.

The most highly-rated aspects of the customer experience were the competence and professionalism of BALTPOOL employees (9.3 out of 10), the efficiency in responding to customer inquiries (9.3 points), and transparency (9.2 points). The overall average for the trading system was 9.2 points. Accessibility of the system, clarity, convenience of use, and timely information were all valued particularly highly.

“We are constantly reviewing the quality of our services and introducing new services and options in line with our customers’ expectations to make our biomass trading platform the best choice for our customers. The results of the customer experience survey are pleasing and at the same time oblige us to maintain such a high bar of customer satisfaction”, commented Andrius Smaliukas, CEO of BALTPOOL.

According to the BALTPOOL CEO, the company is ready to continue investing in improving customer experience this year, as well as expanding the range of services and improving the overall usability of the electronic trading system.