Steps to be taken to sell biomass in Lithuania from 01-05-2023

2023 04 24
Steps to be taken to sell biomass in Lithuania from 01-05-2023

We encourage all biomass sellers to familiarise themselves with the presentation materials and the documents of the National Biomass Sustainability Scheme RED BP, and to fill in the application form for the national scheme already now.

Why is this important?

  • From 1st May 2023, all Lithuanian energy market participants operating biofuel-fired installations with a gross rated thermal input of 20 MW or more, or participating in the ETS, must use only sustainable biofuels.
  • Only biomass supplied under transactions with RED BP tag or under a voluntary international scheme will be considered sustainable. Thus, from 1st May 2023, to sell sustainable biomass on Lithuanian territory, it will be necessary to participate in the national RED BP scheme or in a voluntary international scheme.
  • It should be noted that the RED BP tag is mandatory for all sustainable biomass (whether produced in Lithuania or imported from abroad) if the buyer requests delivery of the biomass under the RED BP scheme, regardless of whether it is certified under any other international sustainability certification (FSC, Sure, KZR, etc.). The Electronic trading system will not match bids for RED BP and any other international scheme certification into the transaction, if a Purchase/Sale order is submitted to the auction and sustainable biomass is not marked with the RED BP tag.

What are the steps to be followed by all participants wishing to transact with a RED BP tag?

  • Apply for participation in the National biomass sustainability scheme in “RED BP” section of Electronic trading system.
  • When placing orders for the Purchase/Sale of biomass for delivery periods after 1st May 2023, indicate that the biomass to be purchased/sold are approved under the RED BP scheme.
  • In case of contracts with a RED BP tag, the biomass seller shall declare in the BALTPOOL national scheme compliance system, the data and documents indicated in the published biomass specification, justifying the compliance of the biomass supplied with the sustainability requirements under REDII Directive.
  • It should be noted that under the RED BP scheme, if biomass of non-Lithuanian origin is delivered, the biomass must be certified under FSC, PEFC, Sure, SBP or KZR certificates.

For any questions, please apply using the Baltpool customer service.

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