Timber Exchange review – August 2019

2019 09 15

A total of 121,549 m³ of timber was sold via the ETTS by the end of August. Most of the sales (85,352 m³) accounted for the sales of the repeat auction of the 2nd half of 2019. A total of 115 auctions had been announced, and 64 of these actually took place. The auctions were attended by 95 buyers from Lithuania, Latvia and Poland. The value of the sold timber amounted to EUR 3,147,384.

During the repeat auction of the 2nd half of 2019, the State Enterprise State Forests Directorate sold 46% of the offered timber. Forty-five buyers attended the auction. Cheaper assortments such as pulpwood, firewood, wood panels and timber harvesting residues were most demanded. 97% of timber was sold for prices lower than the initial prices. During the initial auction held in July, this figure was 62%.

The second repeat half-year auction was announced for the remaining amount of timber; buyers may register for this auction by 13 September (inclusively). The auction will be held on 19–24 September.

A total of 36,197 m³ timber was sold during short-term auctions held in August. From July, the sales volumes decreased 3 times – this was due to the decreased supply and the fact that market participants had satisfied their needs for timber during half-year auctions.

In August, trade in TOP5 timber assortments accounted for 93% of the total sales of timber, i.e. 33,702 m³. The biggest shares in the short-term transactions portfolio accounted for pulpwood (45%), wood panels and firewood (class II and III calorific value) (17%), timber harvesting residues (16%), packing logs (15%) and sawlogs (7%).

The prices of TOP5 timber assortments had stopped dropping earlier, but dropped once again in August. The greatest price decrease (16%) was recorded for sawlogs. Pulpwood was 15% cheaper, packing logs were 7% cheaper, the prices of wood panels and firewood (class II and III calorific value) decreased by 3% and the prices of timber harvesting residues increased by 4%.

The decreasing number of announced auctions, the reduced activity on the part of market participants and the seasonal factor are all demonstrating that the sales volumes will continue to decrease in September.


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