Timber Exchange review – July 2019

2019 08 21

As a result of the auction of the second half of 2019, 609,979 m³ of timber was sold. This accounted for 75% of timber proposed for selling by the State Forest Directorate. 196 buyers of timber participated in the auction. Compared to the data for the first half-year auction, the prices of all assortments under the concluded transactions decreased on average by 22%. It should be noted that some timber remains unsold; consequently, after a repeat auction, the overall price decrease will be even greater.

Packing logs were the most demanded product during the auction of the 2nd half of the year. One hundred per cent of packing logs was sold; this figure was 98% for sawlogs and considerably lower for the other assortments (47% for pulpwood, 41% for wood panels and 77% for firewood).

A repeat half-year auction was announced for the remaining amount of timber; registration for the repeat auction is already underway. The auction will be held on 21–26 August.

In July, 248,821 m³ of timber was offered in short-term auctions, which is an 18% decrease compared to June. Half-year auctions could have reduced the activity during short-term auctions, but this was not actually the case. Buyers continued to actively attend short-term auctions. A monthly sales record was achieved in the ETTS: 108,908 m³ of timber was purchased. Forty-four per cent of the offered timber was sold.


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