October 2015 commentary on PSO funds

2015 11 04

15.73 million Eur (incl. VAT) PSO funds were collected and 16.9 million Eur (incl.VAT) PSO funds were assigned for PSO providers’ reimbursment in October 2015. Most of PSO funds (6.4M Eur) were paid to the producers of electricity from renewable energy sources and for the balancing of such electricity, 8.4M Eur PSO funds were paid for the security of electrical energy system related PSO services, and 1.7M Eur – for electrical grid strategic projects. At the end of October 2015 PSO fund balance was negative, standing at -24.5M Eur.

October 2015 Million Eur, incl VAT
PSO fund balance at the beginning of month -23.39
PSO funds collected  15.73
Users of power distribution network 13.58
Users of power transmission network 2.16
PSO funds disbursed -16.88
Production of renewable energy (RE) and balancing (7.1 service) -6.43
Combined heat and power plants (CHHP) (7.2 service) 0
Assurance of safety of power supply and system reserves (7.3 service) -8.38
Strategic infrastructure projects (7.6 service) -1.69
Development of electricity network due to RE (7.8-7.9 services) -0.37
Other PSOs -0.01
PSO fund balance at the end of month -24.54