• Trading in the ports of the Baltic, Scandinavian countries and Poland


    The international biomass exchange Baltpool continues to expand its activities and since March started trading in biomass in the ports of the Baltic and Scandinavian countries as well as Poland. This step by Baltpool will create even more opportunities for biomass producers to expand the geography and increase the trade volumes of their products internationally. Likewise, the buyers from the Scandinavian countries will have more opportunities to purchase sustainable biomass from the Baltic Sea region.  "Trade of biomass through ships

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  • International biomass exchange “Baltpool” starts trading recycled wood products


    The international biomass exchange Baltpool is expanding its activities and started trading a new product – biomass from recycled wood. This solution opens up opportunities for construction and industrial waste management companies to participate in biomass trade auctions as well as offer biomass products from recycled wood to energy and heat producers in the Baltic and Scandinavian countries. "By starting to trade in recycled wood biomass products, we enable companies in various countries that use biomass for energy production to

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  • New version of Conditions of trade in biomass products


    From 22nd February 2021, amendments to the Conditions of trade in biomass products (hereafter – ‘Trade Conditions’) shall enter into force: Start of biomass trade with ships. Trading will be conducted under the same conditions as the Incoterms 2020 FOB and CIF. It should be noted that biomass can also be traded under the Incoterms 2020 FAS conditions in standard biofuels trading (Annex 7 of Trade Conditions). A new product is included in trading – recycled wood (Annex 4 of Trade

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  • Regarding changes to Rules of Operation of Market Makers applicable from 2nd February 2021


    To further improve trade processes in the International Biomass Exchange, we have updated the Rules of Operation of Market Makers which enters into force on 2nd February 2021. Main changes:   It is established that market makers will henceforth be able to place orders for current calendar week transactions too.   The additional security limit granted to category A participants is increased up to the limit of the limit granted to category B participants.   The provisions on the benefits of the market makers are clarified.   Those amendments shall enter into force on 2nd February 2021 (including).   You can

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  • Swedish company Stockholm Exergi starts operating in the Baltpool Biomass Exchange


    Stockholm Exergi, one of Sweden's largest energy companies, has joined the Baltpool International Biomass Exchange as of January this year. According to Andrius Smaliukas, CEO of Baltpool, the addition of such a strong energy sector player demonstrates a recognition of the value created by the biomass exchange and its attractiveness at the international level. Monica Lundgren, Head of Fuel Supply Management at Stockholm Exergi, agrees. “Trading at Baltpool will increase the number of suppliers that are available to us, and

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  • The entry into force of the radiation protection regulations for biomass imported into Latvia is postponed until 1 April 2020


    We hereby remind that the Latvian Cabinet of Ministers adopted the Regulation No. 576 on 15 September 2020 (hereinafter the “Regulations”), which prescribe more stringent radiation protection requirements for biomass (firewood, woodchips, and sawdust) imported into the territory of Latvia from another country, with application starting as early as 1 January 2021. The start of application of the requirements has been postponed until 1 April 2021 after the Republic of Lithuania and the Republic of Estonia submitted comments to the

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  • Denmark writing about BALTPOOL


    Energy Supply (Denmark) writing about our activity start as "Baltpool" in Denmark from 2021

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  • Timber Exchange Trade Overview – November 2020


    In addition to short-term auctions, a half-year action was held in November and, after a break of more than two years, a long-term auction was held, and the State Forests Directorate offered a total of more than 1.2 million solid m3 of timber for sale at these two auctions. Both auctions can be viewed as successful and have received considerable buyer attention. A total of 252 participants took part in the half-year auction, and 121 participants participated in the long-term auction.

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  • BALTPOOL – an international online biomass exchange set to offer more options to the Danish energy market 


    BALTPOOL - аn international digital biomass exchange, is ready to up its commitment to the Danish solid biomass market by launching its operation under its own brand name ( starting January 1, 2021. BALTPOOL‘s direct presence will provide Danish customers a one-click option to trade woodchips and pellets from home with convenient online access to the markets of neighboring countries. With 136 buyers and more than 300 sellers from different countries on board, BALTPOOL’s online trading system is often ranked among the best-organized models for biomass trade in Europe. It has already turned into a key instrument for liquid and competitive biomass market transactions in Lithuania

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  • API (Application programming interface)


    BALTPOOL UAB offers a software programming interface (hereinafter – API) to effectively integrate the biomass electronic trading system (hereinafter – ETS) into existing customer systems and improve the user experience by ensuring convenience, efficiency and accurate reporting. BALTPOOL offers the following API methods: Receive information on transactions concluded by the company; Receive supply schedule information. Receive and create reports on fuel quantity and quality indicators; Receive waybill information. Get started with BALTPOOL APIs BALTPOOL API is only available to our

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