National biomass sustainability scheme RED BP has been launched

2023 05 02
National biomass sustainability scheme RED BP has been launched

As of 2nd May 2023 the Republic of Lithuania’s national biomass sustainability scheme “RED BP” is launched.

At the same times the RED BP scheme has become available to Biomass Exchange participants at RED BP national biomass sustainability scheme.

Participants can log in to the system with the same email address as when logging in to the Electronic Trading System (ETS). The first login requires a password to be created by clicking on the “Password reminder” button.

The system will now allow participants to:

  • See the quantities of biomass delivered under the RED BP tag.

  • Biomass suppliers can see the declared sustainable biomass fuel or raw materials.

First steps to be taken by biofuel buyers participating in the RED BP scheme

  • Inventory the biomass stocks on their sites as of 30 April 2023, in accordance with the provisions of the Solid Biofuel Accounting Rules (inventory form in Annex 7). Buyers do not need to further disaggregate this quantity by country of origin and type of feedstock.

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