Biomass exchange review – June 2019

2019 07 31

The turnover of BALTPOOL biomass exchange decreased by almost one third (29%) from EUR 13.02 million to EUR 9.18 million in June compared to May. This was due to the fact that most heat suppliers have already secured part of the biomass required for the heating season under long-term contracts concluded in May. Contracts concluded for the next heating season in June and earlier make up to 42 percent of the amount of biomass needed for the coming heating season. Correspondingly, sales under long-term contracts decreased by 27%, from EUR 10.01 million to EUR 7.35 million in June compared to May.

The total amount of wood chips sold in June was 63,460 TOE, ↓27% less than in May (86,978 TOE). Most of the biomass (78%) was purchased under three-month and six-month contracts, 14% under one-week contracts, and 8% under one-month contracts. The weighted price of all contracts decreased ↓3% compared to May, from 149.65 EUR/TOE 144.67 EUR/TOE, the annual change was 10% compared to the price in June 2018 (160.01 EUR/TOE).

In June, the BWCS LT index reached its lowest point in 2019, when 117.69 EUR/TOE was recorded on 4 June 2019. In June, the index increased by almost two percent and remained at almost the same level throughout the month, and at the end of the month (26 June 2019) its value was 119.82 EUR/TOE.

The demand for biomass delivered remained almost unchanged in June and almost ↑2% growth was recorded compared to May (22,174 TOE). A total of 22,562 TOE of biomass was delivered, where 44% of biomass was delivered under one-week contracts, 52% under one-month contracts, and remaining 4% under three-month and six-month contracts. The price of biomass delivered in June decreased by 4%, from EUR 124.18 EUR/TOE to 119.27 EUR/TOE. During the same period last year, biomass was supplied at 13% higher price, 134.81 EUR/TOE.

2019-06 Trade Overview