2018 04 19

First Long-term Contracts for Summer Season on the Biomass Exchange

In March, the first long-term contracts for the supply in the summer season were concluded on BALTPOOL Biomass Exchange. During the whole trading period of long-term contracts for the supply in the summer season, buyers purchased 27 522 toe of biomass under long-term contracts. The largest part of purchased biomass was acquired by Šiauliai and Panevėžys counties.

Last year during the same period, buyers had purchased 49% more biomass (41 106 toe) for the summer season at 16 percent lower supply price (114.97 EUR/toe). The average price of long-term contracts concluded in Lithuania for the summer season of 2018 is 136.98 EUR/toe.

Total turnover of the Exchange increased by 21% up to EUR 8.618 million in March. In total, 56 773 toe of biomass was purchased, i.e. 66 percent more than in February (34 267 toe). In March, the financial contract value was only 1% lower than a record financial contract value (EUR 8.702 million) achieved in January. The increase in trade volumes was determined by long-term contracts concluded for the summer season.