July 2018 Overview of timber Trading

2018 08 22
July 2018 Overview of timber Trading

The 6 thousand m3 timber were sold at the ETTS short-term auctions in July 2018. The financial value of the contracts amounted to 257,53 thousand euro.

The largest number of contracts was concluded for sales of sawlogs and timber harvesting waste. Their trade amounted to 37% (2.3 thousand m3) and 31% (1.8 thousand m3) of the total amount of contracts in July respectively.

The change in the weighted price of timber sold under short-term contracts concluded at the ETTS in July 2018 changed the direction.

The largest drop of the weighted price during the month (11%) was recorded in the sales of birch pulpwood, the price of wood panels decreased by 7.7%, the price of spruce, pine and coniferous sawlogs and coniferous packing logs decreased by 5%.