January 2018 Energy Exchange: Trade Overview

2018 02 23

The Year Started with a Record Trade at the Exchange

The Biomass Exchange started 2018 with doubled trade volumes: 39,857 toe of biomass was purchased in January, which is 1.9 times more compared with December, when 21,074 toe of biomass was purchased.

Biomass was purchased by concluding 909 contracts – this is the highest number per month from the beginning of the Exchange operation. The financial value of the contracts amounted to EUR 8.7 million. So far, the highest trade volumes were reached in September 2017, when turnover amounted to EUR 8.45 million, and 53,140 toe of biomass was purchased. The weighted average price of concluded contracts reached 218.34 EUR/toe.

Significant changes in trade volumes are associated with changes in trading strategies and increased prices of one-week contracts.