Fortum Latvia and Sveaskog Baltfor become buyers in BALTPOOL Biomass Exchange

2017 05 23

First buyers from Latvia have registered in the BALTPOOL biomasss exchange: a FORTUM group company: SIA „Fortum Latvia” and SIA „Sveaskog Baltfor”.

SIA “Fortum Latvia” is one of the leading electricity and heat production companies in Latvia, the cogeneration plant is located in Rupniecibas iela 73A, Jelgava. CHP electrical capacity is 23MW, but the heat capacity is 45MW. To ensure the CHP plant operation, 400 000MWh of woodchips are necessary annually. SIA “Fortum Latvia” will place first buy orders in the May 23 auction.

Ltd. “Sveaskog Baltfor” is a subsidiary of Swedish public company Sveaskog AB and is one of the leading supplier and exporter of woodchips in Latvia. SIA “Sveaskog Baltfor” in the Exchange has registered a trading location in Brivostas iela 12, Liepaja, where it plans to buy woodchips during the summer period.

To become a biomass exchange member, please contact our representative Jānis Krastiņš, e-mail: [email protected], phone No.: +371 26337209. If necessary, our representative will provide you with support throughout the registration process and start-up.