Energy Exchange Trade Overview of 2017

2018 01 25
Energy Exchange Trade Overview of 2017

Significant events at the Energy Exchange in 2017

  • The number of transactions grew by 20% (to 5,088).
  • The trade turnover increased by 12% (to EUR 62,830,000).
  • The price of woodchips rose by 13% (to 173.64 EUR/toe in December).
  • The number of participants exceeded three hundred (303).
  • The import of biomass grew by 70% (to 153,000 toe).
  • The Exchange fees decreased by 13% (to 0.61 EUR/toe).

In 2017, the participant geography of the Energy Exchange expanded to all three Baltic countries and Belarus and the number of participants of the BALTPOOL Exchange exceeded three hundred (303). In 2017, 5,088 transactions were concluded in the Exchange (which is a 20% increase compared to 2016) and 3% more biomass was purchased – 413,000 toe for an average price of 151.84 EUR/toe.

The total turnover of the BALTPOOL Exchange in 2017 increased by 12% and amounted to EUR 62,830,000. SM2 woodchips remained the most popular type of biomass. The sales of SM2 woodchips accounted for 62% of the total amount of biomass purchased via the Exchange. SMS3 woodchips were the second most popular type of biomass – their sales accounted for 30% of the total sales. The remaining amount accounted for trade in other types of products.