Draft amendement of the conditions of supply

2019 09 20

BALTPOOL UAB, the Biomass Exchange operator (hereinafter the “Operator”), considering the comments and suggestions of the biomass market participants and problems encountered in the previous heating season, has prepared updated Typical Conditions of Supply of Biomass.

 The major changes: 

  • The permissible delivery error during the delivery week is revised, when the quantity of biomass to be delivered does not exceed 18 TOE, permissible error shall be 30% (thirty per cent) more or 15% (fifteen per cent) less (including both limits) of the total quantity of biomass to be delivered during the delivery week specified in the supply schedule.
  • Biomass buyers not engaged in heat production activities, i.e. biomass resellers, will not be allowed to unilaterally adjust the supply schedule due to weather conditions or the start and end of the heating season.
  • The buyer, in order to unilaterally reduce the amount of biomass purchased due to weather conditions and / or to match the end and beginning of long-term transactions with the actual start and end of the heating season, will be required to provide a Significant Information Notice to all Participants and, accordingly, such changes to the delivery schedule will apply to all current contracts of that buyer.
  • If acceptance of biomass is carried out based on a common queue, the buyer has an obligation in its specific site during the applicable biomass acceptance hours to weigh the biomass delivered by the seller immediately after the delivery of the biomass (or as soon as the unloading process of the preceding vehicle is completed, in the case of a queue) and provide the seller with the conditions for unloading of delivered biomass and complete the biomass acceptance process no later than within 60 min. from the biomass weighting (it shall be noted that the buyer remains under the obligation to inform sellers of any obstacles that may prevent sellers from weighing the delivered biomass properly and without undue delay and/or completing the biomass acceptance process, including congestions). The buyer shall be liable for any delay in acceptance.
  • The restriction is set that in the event of noncompliance with the minimum biomass sampling requirements for moisture and/or ash content set forth in the Conditions of Supply, no sanctions can be imposed for the deviation of the relevant quality indicator of the biomass delivered.
  • The obligation to record in a free form seal numbers of the samples (reserve samples) and seal numbers of the samples constituting the aggregate sample has been set.
  • The biomass acceptance hours for biomass resellers have been set.
  • Deadlines for refusing acceptance of biomass have been set.
  • Uniform procedures have been set for determining quality indicators, when the seller disagrees with the buyer’s refusal to accept biomass and requests forming a reserve sample.

Typical conditions of supply of biomass_2019-09-20_EN_compared

Please send your notes and comments, if any, no later than 26 September 2019 to [email protected].

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