2015 11 11

Biomass Exchange Baltpool aims to increase transparency in the market for biomass and published trade overview in Biomass Exchange.

In this overview:

Expert warnings that failure to complete preparations for the heating season in due time will result in higher costs have proved true in October. Those heat producers that had decided to purchase biomass under short-term contracts had to pay a considerably higher price for the biomass purchased in October.

Compared to the beginning of October, the average auction price of woodchips increased by 19%, i.e. from 131 to 156 EUR/TOE.

As much as 54% of biomass was purchased under short-term contracts (in September, this figure was 21%), 26% of biomass was purchased under one-month contracts, and 20% of biomass was purchased under one-quarter contracts (50% in September). For this reason, the number of concluded contracts increased (a 36% increase compared to the preceding month) and reached the all-time record – 325.

Over the reporting period, 7 new participants – 4 sellers and 3 buyers – were registered with the exchange