BALTPOOL biomass exchange: trade overview. November 2015

2015 12 17

Biomass Exchange Baltpool aims to increase transparency in the market for biomass and published trade overview in Biomass Exchange.

In this overview:

The participants’ expectations about a long and cold winter have changed in November. The relatively high temperatures in the reporting period resulted in a relatively small quantity of heat produced. Consequently, suppliers had to provide a smaller than expected quantity of biomass. Nevertheless, the price under short-term contracts has been higher than the price under long-term contracts for the second consecutive month.

The weighted price under short-term contracts has reached its peak (163 EUR/TOE) at the auction on 10 November, but in the last two auctions the prices dropped to 153 EUR/TOE, i.e. by more than 6%. The average weighted supply price in November for long-term contracts was 135 EUR/TOE, i.e. approximately 12% lower than the average weighted price for short-term contracts.

BALTPOOL biomass exchange overview 2015 november