2019 05 22

The turnover of BALTPOOL biomass exchange in April was 50% greater than in March

The turnover of BALTPOOL Biomass Exchange increased by 50% in April compared to March, from EUR 4.2 million to EUR 6.35 million. One of the main reasons for this increase was doubled sales of biomass under one-month contracts, from EUR 0.88 million to EUR 1.61 million, and tripled sales under three-month and half-year contracts, from EUR 0.47 million to 1.50 million.

The total amount of wood chips sold in April was 46 370 TOE, i.e. 57% greater than in March (29 557 TOE). One-half of it (52%) was purchased under one-week contracts, 27% under one-month contracts and 21% under three-month and half-year contracts. The weighted average price of all contracts concluded in April decreased by ↓4% compared to March, from 142.12 EUR/TOE to 136.89 EUR/TOE, when the change during a year was ↓3% decrease compared to the price in April 2018 (141.71 EUR/TOE).

The price of BWCS LT index was decreasing during the month and reached 122.55 EUR/TOE at the end of the month (April 30). The total change of the index during the month was ↓10,98% decrease, and during the year it shrunk by ↓6,57% (the price was 131.17 EUR/TOE on 24 April 2018). It’s interesting that the value of the index amounted to 120.66 EUR/TOE after the first auction in May, i.e. it was ↓4,4% lower than the smallest index value 126.19 EUR/TOE of the last year (2 May 2018).

The heating season was officially closed in the middle of April, consequently, ended the demand for biomass in boiler houses. Compared to March, the demand for biomass delivered in April decreased by ↓22%. The total amount of biomass delivered was 37 480 TOE, 78% of which was delivered under one-week contracts, 17% under one-month contracts, and remaining 5% under three-month, half-year and reserve contracts. The price of biomass delivered in April decreased by ↓24% from 184.98 EUR/TOE to 139.89 EUR/TOE. The price of biomass supplied during the same period last year was ↑11% higher, 155.38 EUR/TOE.