Amendments to the terms of trade in biomass products have been adopted

2023 02 10
Amendments to the terms of trade in biomass products have been adopted

After having evaluated requests of the exchange participants and after consultation with entities administering voluntary international schemes, the operator of the energy exchange adopted amendments to the terms of trade in biomass products (hereinafter – the Terms of Trade), whereby the exchange participants buyers are granted the right to buy certified biomass products under KZR, SBP and Sure voluntary international schemes recognized by the European Commission even when the buyer is not certified under these schemes. 

We hereby note that, as per the interpretations of the entities administering these schemes, buyers not certified under the voluntary international scheme can buy such biomass products, but they automatically will not be able to use these certificates by submitting them to regulatory authorities for the purpose of justifying that they fulfilled the set requirements for sustainability and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, in each case, before placing purchase orders on the exchange for the purchase of such products, the exchange participants should, at their own risk, assess the consequences of purchasing such products which may arise for them. 

It will also be possible from now to trade on the exchange in biomass products certified according to the PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes). We hereby note that even though PEFC have filed an application with European Commission for recognition of their scheme to be valid according to RED II requirements, this scheme has not been recognized by the European Commission so far.  

A new non-standard condition of trade is added – “Biomass supplied from an area without additional nature protection purposes”. Under this condition, the seller hereby undertakes to supply only such biomass that is NOT made from raw materials obtained from an area recognized as a protected area for nature protection purposes. In delivering such a biomass, the seller shall undertake to indicate on the waybill the cadastral number of the plot of land from which the raw materials used in the production of the biomass have been obtained. 

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