Amendments to the Conditions of Trade in Biomass Products are adopted

2023 10 23
Amendments to the Conditions of Trade in Biomass Products are adopted

Amendments to the Conditions of Trade in Biomass Products were adopted on 19 October 2023 and enter into force on 24 October 2023. 

The changes are:

New non-standard trading clause “Determination of the delivered amount of biomass in loose cubic meters

Under this non-standard clause, a buyer who is not to comply with the Solid Biomass Fuel Accounting Rules approved by the Order of the Minister of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania shall be entitled to conclude a transaction. The amount of delivered wood chips in megawatt-hours shall be determined by converting the volume of delivered biomass expressed in terms of loose cubic meters according to the coefficients for conversion from loose cubic meters to megawatt-hours:

Product WIN SUM
SM1 0,86 0,89
SM1W, SM2, SM3D 0,79
SM3, SM4 0,78
New non-standard trade clause “Delivery by rear unloading vehicles only”

Under the terms of the transaction, the biomass shall be delivered by means of rear unloading vehicles, including tipping vehicles.  

Delivery by rail, where the seller organises all rail transport and unloading

Under this transaction, the seller undertakes to deliver the biomass to the railway station specified in the purchase order, within a maximum distance of 10 km of the access road, and to unload the biomass.

Under the RED BP transactions: 
  • The possibility to provide forest timber of Latvian and Estonian origin shall be granted, provided that a copy of the logging permit issued is submitted.  
  • It is foreseen that the raw materials used in the production of the biomass batch, its country of origin and CO2 savings will be published as an annex to the invoicing of the transactions concluded on the Exchange.

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