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2017 November Energy Exchange: Trade Overview

2017 12 14

Turnover of the biomass Exchange has decreased due changed trading strategy

In November, the turnover of the BALTPOOL biomass Exchange dropped by 14% compared to October – from EUR 7.849 million to EUR 6.753 million. The weighted average prices under concluded transactions increased by 2% per month – from 176.80 EUR/toe to 180.16 EUR/toe. The prices grew by 21% compared to November 2016 (148.46 EUR/toe).

The decrease in the turnover was due to the changed trading strategy in the heating season – heat producers now focus on short-term transactions which cover the current biomass shortage. During the four auctions held in November 42% (16,200 toe) of biomass (of the total 38,000 toe of biomass sold in the course of the month) was purchased under one-week delivery transactions. This biomass will be delivered by the end of this calendar year.

Strategic purchases of biomass under long-term transactions are now scarce. One-quarter transactions, under which biomass will be delivered early next year, accounted for 34% (13,000 toe) of the total amount of biomass sold in the Exchange in November.