2017 04 19

A new record for the lowest price was achieved in March at BALTPOOL biomass exchange – the heat producer in Vilnius region purchased biofuel for 105 EUR/TOE for this summer. The weighted average price under long-term contracts amounted to 128.34 EUR/TOE in Vilnius region in the summer of 2016.

The contracts already concluded on BALTPOOL biomass exchange for the summer period show that the biomass buyers purchased woodchips under long-term contracts at a lower price than in 2016. The average price of long-term contracts concluded for the summer season in Lithuania amounts to 115.99 EUR/TOE, but one-quarter and one-month contracts can still be concluded. One-week contracts for the summer season could not be concluded in March yet.

The turnover slowdown was caused mainly by increasing weather temperature, due to which the basic biomass amount purchased under long-term contracts was sufficient for most of the buyers. The amount of biomass purchased under one-week contracts in March decreased by 16.79 percent compared to February. The other reason for turnover decrease was significantly reduced biomass prices. The amount of biomass purchased in March decreased by 25.69 percent compared to February, while the turnover dropped by 34.60 percent.