2017 07 18

The turnover in BALTPOOL biomass exchange amounted to EUR 2.76 million in June – it was approximately EUR 150 thousand higher than in June 2016 and about a quarter less than in May 2017 (EUR 3.76 million).

The decrease in turnover of the exchange was caused by 73 percent drop in the number of one-month and one-quarter contracts, which, as the long-term trends of the exchange show, should recover in July, when heat producers start actively preparing for the heating season.

So far, the preparation for the coming heating season is rather sluggish. Assuming that the fuel demand for the heating season of 2017-2018 will remain the same as last year, 6.5 percent of biomass quantity required for the coming heating season was purchased in the exchange by 30 June 2017. The most active preparations for the heating season are going in the Lithuanian seaside regions: 65 percent of the required biomass quantity has been purchased in the Curonian Spit, 16 percent in Klaipėda County. In the general context, Utena County also stands out, 42 percent of the required quantity has already been purchased here.