2017 08 11

Increasing prices of biomass raw materials result in price growth in the Exchange

In July, 8% less biomass was sold via the BALTPOOL Biomass Exchange compared to June, but the turnover of the Exchange only decreased by 3.3% due to the increased biomass prices. The price increase was due to the growing prices of biomass raw materials and the growing biomass prices in the markets of the neighbouring countries. Comparison of the prices of class II and III calorific category firewood purchased in May and June 2016 and May and June 2017 shows a price increase of approximately 15%.

In July, the Exchange turnover amounted to EUR 2.66 million, which is a 3.3% decrease compared to June (EUR 2.75 million). The scope of concluded transactions dropped by over 8% – from 21,500 toe to 19,800 toe.