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2017 09 20

A trade leap in the Biomass Exchange in the last summer month

In August, as heat producers started preparations for the approaching heating season, the turnover of BALTPOOL Biomass Exchange increased 2.5 times – from EUR 2.66 million in July to EUR 6.54 million in August. Nearly 70% of transactions accounted for long-term supply for the 2017–2018 heating season.

Nineteen per cent of the theoretical required amount was purchased in the Exchange for the approaching heating season by 1 September, 10% of which was purchased in August alone. In August 2016, heat producers purchased 21% of the required amount of fuel under long-term contracts.

During the 2016–2017 heating season, 49% of biomass products was supplied under advance long-term contracts, and the remaining share was purchased under short-term contracts. This trend is likely to be observed this year as well, which means that in September the turnover of the biomass Exchange is likely to grow further.