2016 12 16

After the low-activity October, when the turnover of the BALTPOOL biomass exchange amounted to EUR 3.2 million only, in November, the turnover more than doubled to reach EUR 7.1 million. This increase was mostly due to the active conclusion of long-term contracts for supplies scheduled for next year. The total value of these contracts accounted for 57% (EUR 4.01 million) of the total turnover of the biomass exchange in November.

In November, as a result of the lower temperatures and increased need for biomass, the number of short-term contracts (554) increased by 51% compared to October. The number of contracts for peat fuel and wood pellets, the number of which is traditionally lower, has also increased (57 contracts were concluded in November); in the same period in 2015, only 14 contracts of this type were concluded.

The weighted prices of biomass under short-term contracts at auctions were between 147.04 EUR/TOE (on 22 November) and 150.11 EUR/TOE (on 15 November). In November, the weighted prices under short-term contracts were up to 148.54 EUR/TOE and were higher than the weighted prices under long-term contracts (143.33 EUR/TOE).