2016 07 22

June was summery quiet in BALTPOOL biomass exchange – the value of concluded contracts dropped from EUR 3.9 million in May to EUR 2.7 million.

The average weighted price of woodchips in June increased by 3.03 percent compared to May – to 120.25 EUR/toe, but it remained 7.32 percent lower than in June 2015. The weighted average price of short-term contracts in June remained in its lows. The lowest price was recorded on 21 June, when it dropped to 100.3 EUR/toe, and the highest on 14 June, when it increased to 105.58 EUR/toe. The price of long-term contracts for supply of woodchips decreased from 119.56 EUR/toe to 117.93 EUR/ toe.

Due to the buyer’s expectations of low prices and reduction in supply (the value of sales orders decreased from EUR 55 million to EU 47 million), only 208 contracts were concluded in June, the number of contracts is exactly by 100 less compared to May.

The timber auction of the state forest enterprises for the second half of 2016 shows that the highest prices of biomass can be expected in Western Lithuania, and the lowest prices will remain in Utena County.