Prices of timber products

* EUR/solid m3 excl. VAT
Title Date Price
Timber Spot LT
PJBC Pjautinieji rąstai, B/C (beržas, eglė, pušis) 2020-02 57.59
PJD Pjautinieji rąstai, D (beržas, eglė, pušis) 2020-02 41.36
PJ Sawlogs (birch, spruce, pine; St, Vd; L2, L3) 2020-02 0.00
PP Pulpwood (birch, spruce, pine) 2020-02 21.69
TR Packing logs (deciduous, conifers) 2020-02 38.80
ML Firewood (2nd and 3rd calorific value), wood panels 2020-02 16.39
KA Timber harvesting residues (inclusive in cleared space) 2020-02 12.50