Bank account for provision of Collateral

Collateral can be posted as cash to the following bank account:

Bank Luminor Bank AB
Bank code 21400
Account No. LT30 2140 0300 0349 5472
Payment details Collateral

Form of collateral

For the purpose of securing obligations of participants participants must provide the Operator with collateral. Collateral shall be provided in these cases:

  • Before placement of trading orders (Trading Orders Collateral);
  • After conclusion of contracts (Contracts Collateral).

Collateral can be posted as:

  • cash transferred to the Operator’s bank account, or
  • an on-demand guarantee. On-demand guarantee must be valid for the entire contract’s period and two months afterwards. On-demand guarantee must be issued by a bank registered in Lithuania, which itself or the bank group to which the bank belongs has at least BBB- long-term credit rating granted by Fitch Ratings (or an equivalent rating).

Trading Orders Collateral Amount

Before placing trading orders, participant must provide collateral of following amounts:

1) 15% of total orders value – for weekly contracts;
2) 5% of total orders value – for other contracts (monthly, quarterly etc.).

Contracts Collateral Amount

After conclusion of contracts with delivery period longer than week, participants of categories B, C and D must within 5 business days present the Operator with Contracts Collateral of such amount that total collateral (including Trading Orders Collateral) for that specific contract would be at least 10% of total contracts value.

Repayment of Collateral

Participants at any time may request the Operator to return any amount of unused Collateral. The request may be submitted via electronic trading system.