Biomass exchange trade overview – June 2020

2020 07 20

Compared to the price of the heating season in Lithuania last year (12.54 EUR/MWh), the currently forming price of the forthcoming heating season is 14% lower (10.73 EUR/MWh).

To date, approximately 25% of the total demand for biomass of the forthcoming heating season has been satisfied. The greatest share (approximately 69%) was secured by Tauragė County. This figure was 62% for Utena County, 48% for Alytus County, 33% for Šiauliai County and 29% for Vilnius County.

Operation of a biomass exchange in Sweden about to start. Svebio becomes Baltpool’s partner

Svebio, which unites heat producers and biomass sellers, will help to develop exchange services in Sweden, present the services to buyers and sellers and encourage buyers and sellers to register and actively buy and sell biomass at Baltpool auctions. The Baltpool trading system is currently being adapted to the needs of the Swedish market. The trading system will ensure a convenient trading process for Swedish biomass suppliers and consumers. The first contracts from Scandinavia are expected at the beginning of the new heating season.

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